Most of us would prefer to stay home with our pups all day, unfortunately we can’t always do that. Doggie Day care is a great way to allow your pet companionship, socialization, exercise and safety while you can’t be there. Many of our dogs are here to play and romp with other like-minded dogs, some for exercise, safety and daily one on one human companionship.

Nutritional and physical fitness training, senior dog agility exercise and other individualized services are our specialty. Our trained staff will evaluate your pets’ personality and activity level and gradually introduce them to a day care and play group that meets their needs. At Well Groomed we offer an outside environment controlled dog run and play area, in door play room and cozy sleeping quarters for nap time.


At Well Groomed our visiting dogs are socialized based on temperament and agility not necessarily size, we have found that this is the best practice for play, safety and interaction. Our dogs are supervised at all times; any behavior or wellness concerns are addressed immediately.

Throughout the day pets are given one on one time as well enjoying socialization groups, rotating out only for periodic walks and nap times. Special needs and parental concerns are always respected.

Day Care: $34 Per Day
($16 when combined with a service)
Dog Walking Service
1/2 Hour $30 - Full Hour $60
Additional Dogs : $8.00
5-mile radius & weather permitting
Dog Park Trips
Includes Pick-Up / Drop-Off: $65
Additional Dogs : $25.00

Our senior handlers specialize in adult, adolescent, and puppy training using natural, friendly, & instinct driven techniques to establish leadership. These methods include proper tone of voice, body language, and positive reinforcement that re-establish authority and strengthen the animals natural bond with humans and desire to please.

Basic Canine Obedience : $600
(8 Scheduled Sessions)
Potty Training: $300
Additional training is provided on an hourly basis. Pricing is determined by breed and temperment. Consultations are available.
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